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Not only do the consequences of a serious accident stretch beyond physical injuries, it can affect your ability to work and completely change all means by which you provide for yourself and those who depend on it. When a victim is injured as the result of another person’s negligence, the victim may pursue a claim against the party or parties that caused the injuries. While nothing can eliminate the agony of such pain, you are entitled to compensation if it is found that a defendant was negligent and that such negligence was the cause of your personal injury.

Any injury case will primarily depend on liability, damages, and whether or not you are able to collect from the negligent party or parties. Louisiana has adopted the legal doctrine of what is known as “comparative negligence”. In all cases except those of intentional tort resulting in personal injury, a claimant’s recovery is reduced by his percentage of fault (if any) is found during the investigation.

Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of injuries. In the event of an injury, consulting with an experienced Shreveport personal injury lawyer should always be considered. It’s important that you act quickly and provide the information including all related case evidence. Strict deadlines, known as “statutes of limitations,” apply to injury claims and require you to file before the deadline. Our personal injury attorneys offer free case consultations, so there shall be no financial risk to you for seeking help with your case.


We do not charge any fees, or even ask for reimbursement of our expenses, unless you get a settlement.


Why should you hire a Shreveport personal injury lawyer?

When a person suffers an injury in any type of event or accident, they have one opportunity to claim necessary compensation for themselves under the law. As our personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of clients with significant injuries, we are mindful of these concerns and prepare every case in a professional manner to address your immediate and long-term needs. We want to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet these challenges in the future. Our considerable experience with life-altering injury cases has prepared us well to help you and your family during a time of uncertainty and fear.

While the services we provide to our clients are extensive, the types of claims we handle are highly focused on those resulting from a wide range of personal injury accidents in Shreveport, LA and the surrounding areas. Through the years, we have established a high level of credibility handling claims for our local community, therefore, the industry saturation and experience we’ve obtained is one of the main reasons insurance adjusters take us seriously. When we make a claim, we’re prepared to prove fault in pursuit of the compensation our clients are entitled to!

Our Shreveport personal injury lawyers have helped clients receive compensation for many different types of injuries including:

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